Spray Paint Transformation

It’s gray again today, argh.  A perfect day to talk about all things white.  Wouldn’t it be better to talk about bright, vivid color you ask?  Well maybe another day.  I do love color after all.  But as I mentioned the other day, I tend to be more of a cream girl.  But I have always appreciated rooms that make liberal use of white.  Lamps.  Slipcovers.  Pictures.  Vases.  A room drenched in white can be both calm and sophisticated.

We painted most of the wood trim in our old house white and transformed our kitchen from drab to fab with white paint.  Our new house has taken us in a completely different direction.  We have dark cabinets, beautiful dark granite counter tops and builder beige walls.  Actually, most of our house is still builder beige walls – trying to decide on paint colors.  But that’s a future post.  Anyway, lately white has been found popping up all over my house.

Actually, as I look around my house, I realize that I utilize this crisp clean color more than I thought.  Right now, mostly as an accent color.

But I wanted a lot more white without spending a lot more money.  A trip to my local thrift stores and a can of spray paint was all I needed.  One of the things I had my eye out for was an owl.  Got to keep up with the trends after all.  I realized I wanted one of these little guys after loving the way Michelle’s (over at Three Men And A Lady) looked in her bedroom.  See her owl transformation here.  Remember my owl from my fireplace mantel?

Here is what he looked like when I found him at Goodwill for $2.99.

I cleaned him up, took him outside and sprayed him with a few coats of white lacquer spray paint.  I love his new look.

Crisp, calm, and according to my kids, not as creepy.  I love white.

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