Door Candy ~ AKA Summer Wreath

July 28, 2010

All winter I had an adorable berry wreath hanging from my front door.  Then spring came and down it came.  My intention was to replace it with something else equally cute, but I could never find just what I wanted.  Does that ever happen to you?  And I’m not really a person who buys something just to fill a space until I find that something perfect.  Nope, in my house the space usually stays “the space” until I find or make that something perfect.  That probably explains why I have a lot of empty spaces around my house.  That also explains why I get so excited when I do finally find that something perfect.

My door “before”:

So, after months of looking at my lonely hook on our front door (yes I know it’s a Command Hook and can easily be removed.  At least it’s the “fancy” Command Hook :) , and if I had removed it nothing would probably ever have replaced it – you know – out of sight, out of mind) I finally filled the empty space with this.

I first saw these rag wreaths while blog hopping.  Lindsay has a great tutorial here from Burlap + Blue on how she made hers.  Cute.  I’ve also seen them done by shaping hangers into the form you want.  For my version I used a wire frame.  I knew I wanted my finished wreath to be very full, so I used a frame with four rings.

I started with a pile of fabric in the colors and tones I wanted.

I chose quilting weight fabrics and a few linen like fabrics in a little heavier weight and with different textures.  I made the strips about 1″ or so thick, no need to be exact.  I chose to rip them instead of cutting them because I wanted the rough edges.  To do this, I made small cuts about an inch apart and then just pulled the strip off the rest of the fabric.

Then I cut my fabric into small strips.  I chose to make mine 9″ long, but you can choose any length you want depending on the size of your wreath form.

Once I had quite a pile cut, I just started tying the fabric strips onto the form using a square knot so they would stay tied.  I started with one color to get a base and then went from there.  Here is what it looked like in the beginning.

Truth be told, my oldest daughter did the majority of the tying while I made the fabric strips.  Because I chose a large frame with 4 rings, we used a fair amount of fabric.  We popped in a movie and went to work.

It was a fun way to spend an afternoon and I love the finished result.  Fun, simple, understated.

Full and fluffy!

Doesn’t my front door look so much happier?

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That is SOOO adorable!! I just love it! Wish I had the patience to do a wreath like that. :)

Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)

Oh so cute! I can tell it took you some time and patience. Thanks for sharing!


LoveFeast Table

That is really cute!! Love it!! ~Chris Ann


I love that! Your house looks so lovely!!!! Even though I can only see the door! :-) Nice job and thanks for the tutorial and pics.


I love it!!! I think I may have to try it this weekend!!!! I know just the place to put it!

Erin @ Where Beauty Meets Function

That turned out GORGEOUS!! Now I want one! ;)


I love it! I think I’m going to go dig in my extra fabric stash & see what I can come up with.


Oh your wreath is wonderful! I remember making these in heart shapes (and much smaller) for swags. Great way to use up extra fabric, but I just love the way you kept your color palette neutral. The door definitely looks happier!


I love how you and your daughter made it while watching a movie, so sweet. I also love the fullness of the wreath, and the colors. It is the perfect fit for the spot, good for you for not just plopping something on the door just because you are suppose to. Great job and great tutorial.

Blessed Mama

Soooo cute!!! Have you seen the ones that are made out of books (well, the pages of books)? I thought that is what this was at first. Love the fabrics too!


wonderful! I have to have one for my door! like you my door has remained empty since christmas. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Joy @Seeds of Encouragement Sewn with Grace

How adorable!!! I want one! And they would make great Christmas presents too! Thanks for the great idea and wonderful tutorial. Looks like I am getting ready to do a lot of cutting!!!! This was my first visit to your blog…came from Melissa’s Inspired Room. Now following you!!!


Looks fantastic! I can picture little birdies pulling those threads for their nests :)

Pittypat Paperie

Lovvvvve your wreath and yes your door looks quite happy Ü Love the colors.


This is gorgeous! I’ve made so many Christmas garlands w/this technique. I have to make a wired wreath … now! Thank you!
Happy New Year!


Thanks for the tuturial. I made one this weekend. My colors were water-y blues, purples and aquas. I was short on fabric so only did the inner and outer ring. My sister liked it so much that she made one too using 3 rings. She alternated floral and blue on the outside ring, blue on the middle and floral on the center ring. They both turned out great.


I’m curious where you get the ring? I’ve never seen those before.


This is the most gorgeous rag wreath I have ever seen! I am so making this! Thanks for the inspiration!

Ami w/AliLilly

ADORABLE!!!! I love this one too! :)


You said that you used quite a bit of fabric… however I was hoping that you could give a bit more information as to how much quite a bit is. I’d love to make some one of these… if not a couple for gifts. But I don’t want to waste money on too much fabric and even more I would hate to not get enough fabric and the fabric I do choose the store doesn’t run out before I can get more. Also I was wondering what size wreath ring did you use. It would be easiest for me to buy one online, so is the size of the rings measured from the outside to outside?

You did an amazing job and I can’t wait to try it myself!!


Loveeee it!


I finished mine for my daughter this weekend, but it doesn’t stand up like yours does………….l” strips…..9″ long……sad…….what do I do now? Thanks.


I want to make one of these and I am going to try it…but this one is beautiful!

Connie C.

I definately want to make one for my country bedroom. I want to make a nice thick one like the one you made. I love it. Thanks for sharing…


I am curious as well how much in yards you approx. used of each fabric..I am online now trying to figure out how many yards of each to order and I am lost.


Thank you for the tutorial. I live in the UK and my family support Newcastle united football club so am making black and white and will add some silver to make it Christmassy!

denise english

Is that a 18 wreath form

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