This Fall Wreath is Picture Perfect

Now that my feather wreath is living over my fireplace, my front door has been once again looking pretty lonely.  Thankfully I have a solution for that.  I assembled a little pile of goodies that looked pretty much like this.

I say pretty much, because although I used many of these elements, Some of them are being saved for future projects (namely the beautiful fabric) and as I was working on this little project there were a few other items I decided to add.  My front door is no longer an empty, lonely place.  Now this is what greets us when we come home.

I decided to use a picture frame a while ago.  I found a picture on clearance for $2.89 with a frame that was perfect for this project.  I am saving both the picture and glass for some future use since I only needed the empty frame.

This garland I picked up a few weeks ago on sale.

I think it was less than $5.  I like it because I think the leaves actually look pretty real.  I just wrapped it around the frame in a pattern I liked.  Since I plan on using this frame for a future project, I didn’t want to use and glue to keep things in place.  Instead I used a thin 28 gauge wire I had on hand and just made sure that the leaves covered the wire in front.

I know the wire’s a little blurry, but you get the idea.  Sorry, I didn’t feel like taking another picture.

I’ve had these pine cones for over 18 years.  We gathered them on a family walk when we lived in Virginia Beach, VA.  I have reused them in so many different ways over the years.  I love that they remind me of fun memories of when we were a young family.  All these years later, they still look like new.  The berries and the ribbon make it complete.  They add just the right touch to finish off this beautiful fall wreath.

This wreath makes my front door happy.  Now, it’s picture perfect.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Thursday!

*Edited Oct. 5th – I’m linking up here.

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10 Responses to This Fall Wreath is Picture Perfect

  1. Mela Kamin says:

    Beautiful – I love it!

  2. Trish says:

    So LOVING the frame!!! I can’t wait to try it for the Christmas holidays!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to find another GREAT blog to read!!!

  3. Love it!!! Great idea – I am sharing on my FB page!

  4. Susan @ Some Kind of Wonderful says:

    So simple, but oh so pretty! Thanks for sharing ;o)

  5. Hi Kristen, Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the frame wreath! In fact I might try to make one of these myself if you don’t mind :-) It looks great.

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  8. Star says:

    Love your wreath! I am totally going to be making this soon! Is it okay if I feature it on my blog?

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