The Making Of The Entryway System

A few weeks ago I shared with you our newly built bench and shelf for our back entryway.  Today I thought I’d share a little more detail that went into the making of this system.  First, as I mentioned in my original post, here, I got the original plans for this system from Ana White.  I used these plans, but then tweaked them a bit for our space.  I needed to make my bench a little shorter because of space constraints.  I also chose to make one of the cubbies a little smaller.

I was afraid that if I made them all the same size, that I wouldn’t have enough room for the items I was planning on storing here.  So I made two of the cubbies the same spacing that Ana recommended, but then made the middle one quite a bit smaller.  This space is perfect for the dogs leashes and extra collars.

I chose to make my bench and shelf out of select pine.  Because I planned on painting them white, I knew I could afford to use a less expensive wood.  Also, to be honest, since I hadn’t built a lot of furniture, it seemed foolish to me to spend a lot on wood.  I mean, what if it hadn’t turned out?  Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and I love the result.  And because it’s painted, no one can tell I used a less expensive wood.

I also made the shelf shorter than the original plans. 

This time I kept the cubbies uniform in size.  This plan worked for the way we intended to use them.  Plus, I liked the way it looked this way.

I think most of my baskets were from Target, although one might have come from Lowes.  I actually built the bench last spring, before my daughter’s graduation open house, so I don’t remember exactly where those baskets came from.

I love the added storage we have with this new system.  And the white paint really helps brighten up this windowless room.

I found this to be a fairly easy project that resulted in bringing organization and cheer to this much used room.  The total cost of making this system?  Less than $100.  Definitely money well spent.  Tomorrow I will share with you another new addition to this back entryway.  You’re gonna love it! :)

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3 Responses to The Making Of The Entryway System

  1. Aubrey says:

    I absolutely *love* that bench! Adorable and functional…what else could a girl want? (c: Genius idea!

  2. Edie says:

    Wow! I’m amazed at how profession that looks!

  3. Joel Noamer says:

    What did you use to hang the coat-hanger/shelf up flush against the wall like that?

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