The Beauty Of Summer, A Love Of Flowers, And A Happy Father’s Day!

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of summer for me is seeing all the beautiful colors of the garden.  I think I’d have to say that my love of flowers was cultivated (excuse the pun) at a very early age.  Looking back, I’m not sure I can remember a single time when our house didn’t have at least one vase of fresh flowers someplace on our main level.  More often than not, it was several small vases placed here and there.  These touches of bright color added a happy feeling to nearly every side table.  And they usually came from our own garden.  Pansies, snapdragons, zinnias, peonies.  I was fascinated by the shapes and colors.  Even in winter, my mom would make sure that there were at least a few flowering plants bringing a warm coziness to every room.

I’m not sure I truly appreciated these little vases of happiness until I had a home of my own.  It was then that I realized the full power of a few delicate looking flowers.  If you’re not sure what I mean, consider a room in your house that is currently without plants or flowers.  Add a simple vase of fresh flowers someplace, anyplace, in the room at notice the difference.  Flowers have a way of making a room come to life.

I feel doubly blessed, because not only did my mom pass on her love of flowers to me, but my dad did too.  My dad owned his own business and worked mostly from his home office.  I remember seeing him working in the yard, pulling weeds and watering plants.  One of the things I treasure most about my dad is that he would take time out of his busy day to answer my numerous, random, questions.  I remember asking him about a particular flower or tree in our yard and loving that he would stop what he was doing, and more often than not, come over to wherever I was and tell me something interesting about that particular plant or tree.  And, if he didn’t know the answer?  Usually we would head into the house and find one of his books on plants and see if we could find the answer there.

So, as I sit on my porch and admire the beauty of our neighborhood’s gardens, I’m thankful I was taught to appreciate this beauty.  And on this Father’s Day weekend, I’m especially thankful for a dad who cheerfully shared his interests with me and taught me so many valuable life lessons.  I love you dad and am proud to be your daughter.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and to all you father’s out there…

A Very Happy Father’s Day!!!!


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